Monday, 3 June 2019

Ep. 325: Real Estate Agent and Syndicator, Dan Schoenbaechler Is Back to Talk About Evaluating Deals for Passive Investment!

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Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Dan Schoenbaechler has held various Sales positions before getting into Commercial Real Estate in 2008. Having focused on Residential Sales since 2013, he has closed over $60 million of transactions in those 6 years, ranging from renters and first-time homebuyers to experienced investor sales.

how to sell your house

The knowledge he gained from working on investment properties helps assist his clients in making wise choices while they make some of the largest financial decisions of their lives. In the past couple of years, Dan has also paired his knowledge of multi-family investments with his network of investors to help fund syndications. He assisted in raising private equity on 3 separate acquisitions totaling 364 units for $39.4 million.

Some topics covered:
  • What has Dan been up to since the last time he was on the podcast? (ep.32)
  • What are some components Dan looks at when evaluating and considering a deal?
  • What are some “red flags” Dan stays away from when looking at deals and operators?
  • What are good ways to find investors and match them to their investment wants and needs?
  • Where to find resources where these deals might be available?
  • What are the usual questions investors ask Dan when he raises money?
  • “A no today is not always a no tomorrow” and the importance of following up
  • Why should real estate agents of any type, start investing in real estate?
  • Tax benefits of real estate investing
  • Best way to reach Dan: call or text him at 973-919-7311 or email or social media.
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