Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Ep. 335 How To Find Off-Market Deals with James Kandasamy

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James Kandasamy is the CEO of Achieve Investment Group, LLC. His pragmatic skills in solid communication, interpersonal, analytical and organizational leadership skills, as well as his deep-rooted background in Real Estate Investment,  are what makes him unique. James obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (Hons) from the University of Science, Malaysia and MBA from University of South Australia.

He holds the prestigious CCIM designation as well. With over 6 years of experience in real estate and with more than 4 years in multifamily acquisitions and asset management, James compliments his abilities and drive to offer clients firsthand vertically integrated services in Multifamily Investment, Finding off-market deals, Asset, Construction, and Property Management.

The company prides themselves in their ability to find value add deals by using off-market strategies. These skills coupled with strong underwriting skills, enable them to be a sharpshooter in finding underperforming assets and turning it around.

Some topics covered:

-When did James decide to start investing in real estate and why?
-How long did it take James to realize he wanted to go from single-family real estate to larger
multifamily real estate?
-How was James able to handle the learning curve moving to the multifamily space?
-What has made James successful in his niche?
-What have been the best practices for finding off-market deals?
-What was the method that got James his first multifamily deal?
-James gives a rundown of that first deal
-Did James have in house management from day one or through the process?
-What are the skills someone needs to have to handle property management?
-How has James handled expanding his team with more deals?
-What are some key metrics James looks at in the underwriting process to find deals?
-How is James finding deal effectively when others say it’s difficult in this market?
-Does James have a routine that makes him productive each day?
-James’ business philosophy/ motto?
-What is an actionable step someone looking to get into real estate today can take?
-Best way to connect with James:  or email Facebook Group “Multifamily Investors Group”
-Get James’ book “Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate. Insider Secrets to Achieving
Financial Independence” on Amazon.

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