Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Ep. 341 The Ins And Outs Of Legally Investing In Airbnb And The Importance Of Female Investors With Erin Spradlin!

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Erin Spradlin is the Co-owner and Associate Broker at James Carlson Real Estate. She focuses’ on legal Airbnb Investing and Female Investors. Erin received her Master’s in Marketing and was previously a Marketing Director.

She started to do a lot of Airbnb in 2014 and had a lot of success with it. Her now husband and business partner, James Carlson, thought there would be an opportunity in servicing investors with a niche in Airbnb investments – especially as laws started to change. In 2017 they quit their jobs and are now very active with investors in that investment space. Erin is also passionate about speaking to, and educating female investors and launched her own investment group for females with female only attendees and speakers.

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Some Topics Covered:

-What led Erin into the Airbnb space?
-Why did Erin dive into the legal side of Airbnb’s?
-How can you hedge your risk if the laws change for Airbnb’s?
-Medium vs. Long term rentals and which is more lucrative?
-Are there websites focused on medium-term rentals?
-What are the components that make short term rentals that make it a successful opportunity?
-What are some red flags for properties you need to stay away from in short term rentals?
-How is Erin looking to evolve her business in the next 1-3 years?
-How does Erin’s female meetup differ from other meetups she’s been to before?
-Is there a common hurdle for female investors?
-What kind of properties/rentals is Erin focusing on now?
-What kind of market metrics does Erin look for when looking to go into a market?
-Best way to connect with Erin: BiggerPockets (Erin Spradlin)
Website:  or on Facebook or Instagram
-For the women’s group/meetup: Denver Women Invest

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