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Ep. 320 Brad Smotherman Breaks Down Owner Financing and the Many Benefits This

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Brad Smotherman is a real estate investor and host of the top 100 business podcast, Investor Creator. He owns and manages a 7-figure per year flipping business, and holds notes across Middle Tennessee. Brad’s company has invested in 14 states and has completed hundreds of transactions. Brad teaches new and seasoned real estate investors how to take your house flipping business to multiple 6 or 7 figure incomes, without sacrificing your freedom.

Ep. 320 Brad Smotherman Breaks Down Owner Financing and the Many Benefits This

Brad educates others about lead generating, negotiating, wholesaling, deal structure, mindset, entrepreneurship...anything related to business and the processes to get the job done.

Some topics covered:
  • When and how did Brad get started?
  • What made Brad go head-on into real estate investment and why did he feel so comfortable to do so?
  • What did Brad’s first deal look like?
  • What does his business look like and what is his core business?
  • What does Brad’s focus on instead of transaction totals?
  • What is an equity position?
  • Brad gives us a real example
  • Is there an average hold time for the notes?
  • What does Brad’s team look like?
  • How is his marketing different for dispositions on WRAPS vs wholesaling?
  • How does Brad source his next state and decide which markets he wants to get into?
  • What is Brad’s endgame?
  • Does Brad have a daily routine?
  • Words Brad lives by
  • What is Brad’s WHY?
  • Actionable step for a beginner in the real estate investor world?
  • Best way to connect with Brad: or his podcast, Investor Creator on iTunes or add Brad on Facebook.

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