Monday, 19 August 2019

Ep. 358: Stack Your Victories with Chris Jackson

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Chris is the Principal and Managing Partner of Sharpline Equity. Chris specializes in finding underperforming multifamily assets with high upside opportunities. Sharpline Equity currently has 300 units under ownership in their portfolio. Chris has over 10 years of experience in all

aspects of real estate investing from flipping, wholesaling, lending money, small multifamily to large multifamily. Chris began his career as a computer programmer and has 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He has been a partner at a Long Island tech firm for the last 7 years.


Chris resides on the North Fork of Long Island with his wife and two children. He is an avid bird-watcher and snowboarder.


Some topics covered:


-How Chris got started in real estate investing and why he made the leap from the tech industry?

-What actually got Chris “off the couch?”

-Does Chris recommend getting a mentor?

-What did Chris’s first deal look like and how he found it?

-How Chris talked to and raised capital from investor without out really having a track record?

-How has Chris’s business evolved and what does it look like today?

-What has been some of the aspects that have made Chris feel more comfortable moving up from 5 units

to 174 units?

-What are the key metrics Chris looks at when looking at a market?

-How does Chris classify certain groups of investor and match them with the kind of investments they’re looking for?

-What have been the most productive ways Chris finds deals in such a hot market?

-What are some points when talking to a broker to show that you have experience?

-What are some things Chris looks at now when looking at deals that he wasn’t 2-4 year ago?

-Chris gives us examples of CapX projects he would and wouldn’t take on

-What is Chris doing now to grow his portfolio?

-What part of Chris’s business is he trying to redefine compared to what he was doing on prior deals?

-How is Chris protecting himself in case the market takes a down turn?

-What is a lesson Chris has learned though buying multifamily investments?

-How is tech going to affect us in Chris’s opinion in the next 2-4 years?

-What is the goal/focus for Sharpline for the next 3-5 years?

-What is Chris’s routine in the day that allows him to be most productive?

-Words Chris lives by

-Actionable step for someone looking to get started in real estate

-Best way to reach Chris:  or his meetup, Multifamily Unveiled



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