Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Ep. 356 The Intersection of Tech and Real Estate with Chad Gallaghe

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Chad is the Chief Investment Officer & Co-Founder of SlateHouse Group, LLC, Property Management. Originally from Lititz, PA, Chad graduated from the University of Virginia with a Systems Engineering Degree. He launched Mobile, which is now a $100M global advertising business and helped it eventually get sold to Verizon. Chad specializes in using engineering principles to drive better returns for buy and hold investments and versees SlateHouse implementation of Adtech principles across the business. Chad has personally led acquisitions of over 135 units.


Some topics covered:

-What made Chad want to make the jump from the tech industry to property management?

-In Chad’s opinion, what are some core questions investors HAVE to ask property management companies when vetting them?

-What tech is Chad utilizing today to find and grow tenants to keep his properties occupied?

-Is Chad doing anything with tech to adjust rents systematically based on what’s happening in the market? Does he see a need for that in the future?

-Is there any differentiation between trends in asset classes when using tech/smartphones to marketing properties?

-Has technology eliminated the need for property management going forward?

-In Chad’s opinion, is there a certain criteria that makes sense to bring a property manager on?

-What is Chad working on right now to improve his business?

-What are some key components to Chad’s day that make him, and his business successful?

-What is SlateHouse’s company motto? What stands behind SlateHouse that makes it so successful?

-What is a common trait that separates someone who is successful in this business versus someone who doesn’t really get off the ground?

-Chad gives a GREAT tip to becoming more successful in real estate

-Best way to reach Chad:  or  and their newly launched podcast, “Real Estate Hackers” 

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